On-Demand Private Security Services using our Intelligent Mobile Cloud Platform

What is Click for Guards?

C4G is a distinguished private security services company providing access to our community of quality, client-rated guards.

We use the C4G mobile application to market highly vetted guards by presenting their audio greetings, languages spoken, physical statistics, experiences/bios, photos, and prior client ratings to clients who select, schedule, engage, and direct-messsage (no exchange of mobile numbers) local guards through the C4G app.

Licensed guards and law enforcement officers sign up using the C4G mobile application and are subjected to a timed security aptitude test (via our intelligent platform), additional background checks, reviews, and interviews by our C4G senior law enforcement and intelligence staff.

Why use Click for Guards?

We Live in Challenging Times

There are an average of 17 police officers for every 10,000 US residents. Consequently, the World relies heavily on private security. This may explain why the $350B global private security services industry is expected to grow by 21% annually.

Easy Engagement

Clients enjoy direct engagement with licensed & professional C4G vetted guards. No complex pricing structures; contracts optional. Forget multiple calls relaying your requirements through an 'account manager'. You manage and pay for quality, value-priced services through the C4G app. We also provide 24X7 telephone concierge service, if needed.

Access to the Best

Security companies don't pay quality guards to 'wait for you to call'. C4G provides direct, real-time access to the World's best guards. C4G professional guards manage their schedule, communicate with you directly, and earn top dollar using the C4G app. Then, you, the Client, rates the service you get from the C4G Guard.

Local Guards

Whether you live in or travel to any city, country, or continent, you need a vetted & trusted guard who knows the local landscape and current security climate to ensure your safety. All C4G guards are licensed, and we conduct another background check while they are being vetted by our C4G senior law enforcement professionals.

Mobile App Downloads


We have deployed a version of the C4G app to run on the Andriod operating system. It's available in the Google Play store.

Download it here


We have deployed a version of the C4G app to run on the Apple iOS operating system. It's available in the iOS App store.

Download it here

A Short C4G Video Clip

Mobile App Features

Rapid Engagement

Create your account, add/select your location, enter job details, browse/select your guard(s), get guard confirmation, and pay.

In App messaging

As soon as your guard(s) accepts your assignment - message one or all guards directly. No mobile #s exchanged.

Intuitive functionality

Sign your guard(s) in & out using 2-way authentication. Real-time guard location geomapping is coming soon.

Security incident reporting

Get instant delivery of automatic date & time-stamped security reports from your guard(s), with attached photos.

Request specific guards

Guards can be requested by their C4G ID numbers; reducing your search times.

Add sub-user accounts

Provide your staff or family access to your C4G account. Everyone shares the same payment method and stored locations.

Live 24 X 7 Concierge

We provide a live person to assist you, if needed. Call us toll-free. Someone is always available to help.

Automatic guard selection

You can choose to let our intelligent platform select the highest client-rated guard(s) available.

C4G Leadership is our major differentiator.

Our vision requires quality security assets and, we rely on proven senior talent and, machine learning to vet them.

Our directors, executives, and advisors include highly-decorated law enforcement and, intelligence professionals. Former agents and officers with NCIS, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, SWAT, US Top Cop, Special Forces, and Her Majesty's Army (Great Britian) make up the C4G core.

Our uniquely qualified resources provide exceptional domestic and international advanced security and intel capabilities.

Application Screenshots

Pricing & Services


Unarmed Guards

  • Starting at $23 per hour
  • Events/parties/shopping
  • Retail loss prevention
  • Night clubs/bouncers/
  • Paparazzi control
  • Sports & entertainment events
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C4G Black

Armed Guards

  • Starting at $50 per hour
  • Bodyguards
  • High value retail
  • Armed escorts/rovers
  • Precious metals/stones
  • Riot/crowd control
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C4G Major Ops

Project Pricing

  • Covert operations
  • Multi-country coordination
  • Chartered travel
  • Stealth projects
  • Cyber security recon
  • Advanced intelligence
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Our Team

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Chief Executive

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Our current version is: 1.0 (mvp)

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