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We are led by highly-decorated law enforcement and intelligence professionals, including former agents and officers with NCIS, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, SWAT, US Top Cop, Special Forces, US Military and Her Majesty's Army (Great Britian).

Passionate, Focused and Capable

Rest assured when C4G Security is engaged. We are a distinguished private security company founded on the principal that, for many, quality security services is a requirement and not an option.

Because conditions around the World continues to change, C4G senior leadership and staff maintains a real-time awareness of global events and regional/local security climates.

We ensure protection of the people & things that mean the most to you. Our senior security officers, executives, and global assets, have been providing advanced domestic and international security/intelligence services for decades.

It doesn't matter if you are a dignitary, celebrity, executive, athlete, or a "cautious" citizen; with C4G you have access to the best private security protection available.

Through effective leadership, we leverage our experience, knowledge and relationships. At C4G Security we recruit, vet, hire, train and deploy the best available talent. Enjoy safety and peace of mind, C4G Security.

Using the C4G mobile app, licensed guards and ODO's earn top dollar and set your work schedule. Become a C4G guard